There are always some people having good reasons to make themselves look slimmer.

The first thing to look at when you are one of those people are your trousers. Straight legged or boot cut trousers are the styles you may want to switch to if you aren’t already wearing those. Trousers that are cut to be close-fitting on the ankles might make your ankles look thin, but your bottom and thighs will look huge in comparison.Sweaters for Womens

Clothes that swamp your figure or even worse clothes that are a size too small are not good for a slim look…

Don|t be tempted to buy those. Baggy jumpers for example are on one side comfortable, but they add weight were non actually exists. And tight clothing shows up every lump and bump you might never thought you have.Shop Womens Dresses

You should choose the heels you are wearing carefully. The wider you are the wider your heel should be. Chunky legs on top of slim stiletto heels will make you look heavier than you are, also this might sound strange at first. When you are more of a short person you should also try to avoid ankle strap shoes as these will cut a good three inches of your length leg in terms of vision.
Coloring and the fabric texture can also make all the difference to your appearance. Heavy and more structured clothes combined with a good tailoring are the ones you should look for. Dark colors minimise and bright colors emphasise so remember that when you’re choosing your Exquisite women’s lingerie.

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