Tattoo history

It is believed that tattoo ink body art originated from the Eurasian region sind the Neolithic period. Otzi the iceman whose remains where found in the Otzi Valley in the Alps is an example of early tattoo art. He lived in the time of the fourth millenium BC and had 57 carbon tattoos consisting of mainly lines and dots on his lower spine, knee and ankle. Ritualistic and culture practisesof that time could have made those findings possible and even today in some regions tattoo art is practised for religious and cultural traditions.Women’s Dresses in San Jose

The Egyptians also used tattoo art during the construction of the pyramids. With the expansion of the Egypt empire the art of tattooing spread across Greece, Persia, Crete and Arabia. Henna art is believed to be as old as tattooing but it is still not known where the art derives from. Speculations say that it may have derived from India around the 12th century AD.Women’s Dresses in San Francisco

Due to the early use on prisoners, gangs and criminals tattoing has gained a negative reputation. The true meaning of being an ancient form of body art was lost as the essence of tattooing. However, Henna has been widely known in the West as Henna-tattoo and its usage in ancient cultural and religious practises. Today our culture of body has transformed into the perspective of cosmetics but tattoos will always continue to exist as a form of a permanent branding art on the body.Women’s Dresses in San Diego

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