On the other hand you have the evening purses which are smaller then everyday purses

A clutch purse for instance is only designed to carry a cell phone and a lipstick when you are out and need to freshen up. It doesn’t even have a handle or a strap. It is designed to be carried in hand or tucked under the arm. Evening handbags are suitable if you need something larger than a clutch. So to say evening handbags are the same as everyday purses but generally smaller in size. They are also made of more luxurious materials like silk or velvet.Stylish women’s clothing

If you are looking for a designer purse one of the must-haves is one from Louis Vuitton decorated with the iconic LV monogram. Other popular designer brands are Guccy, Prada, Balenciaga and Chloe. But do not limit yourself to the traditional designers. There are exciting new one out there like Marc Jacobs or Miu Miu that are creating great Women’s Dresses in San Antonio .

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