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Tattoos have been around the world for many years. It is a very old form of body and has continued to be practised all around the world. It has became a fashion trend and mark of gaining a certain kind of authority to have a permanent mark drawn onto your skin. Britain is well known for its tattoo design using various advanced tattoo supplies and demonstrating a passion for indelible ink art. Another trend is the conventional ink tattoo art.Women’s Dresses in Phoenix

Henna, known as Mendhi in the South East Asian regions, is a tradition used for a temporary coloring of various designs on the skin, mainly hands and feet. Henna is existing since centuries and incorporates the use of the mendhi plant leaf that is grinded down and mixed into a paste. The application differs from normal tattoo supplies as the color is topically applied to the skin using a cone, sticks or a paintbrush. A temporary coloring varying from orange to a deep red dye on the skin is the result. It will last only between a week and 6 weeks depending on how potent the product is Women’s Dresses in Philadelphia

Over the time the tatoo supplies have changed with the first electronic tattoo needle invented in Amarica that consisted of multiple needles moving in circular motions. That way the tattooist was able to control the needle depth into the skin. Henna is a topical product and therefore does not need special tools to leave its traces of color. But both have rarely caused long term problems or allergic reactions.Women’s Dresses in Houston

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